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We know trying to find the right hardwood flooring company can be difficult and stressful. Here at Mountain Man we try to make that experience easier and less stressful. We are a new family owned and operated hardwood flooring company with 20+ years experience assisting customers to improve the look, feel and value of your home or commercial property. We offer professional services for flooring installation, repair and refinishing. We value your time and treat each project with that understanding.


Hardwood Floor

Bring warmth and beauty to your home with Hardwood Flooring
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Hardwood Floor

Do your Hardwood Floors look old, worm and dull.
Bring back their natural beauty by refinishing them.


Why Hardwood Floors

Value - Homes with Hardwood Floor sell faster and for more.
Healthier - Hardwood Floors are cleaner and healthier then carpet.
Timeless - Hardwood Floors are timeless and can last a lifetime.