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Water Damage

We were contacted for a job to repair water damage in a kitchen. After we started to do the repair in the kitchen our customer wanted to get the living room and dining room refinished as a surprise for his wife while she was away on vacation. We completed the repairs and refinishing in a timely manner. Our customer was happy with the work and left us a review posted below.

The floors turned out amazing. But the service is what really sets them apart. I had a job I wanted done to surprise my wife while she was away on a trip. Mountain Man Hardwood Floors worked with me to make sure it was completed in the timeframe I wanted. They worked extremely hard over several days never shortcutting the quality of their work.

Extremely friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend for any hardwood flooring projects you might have in the future. I know I will be using them again. Thanks! Rhett T.

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